Thursday, July 29, 2010

Apollo and Diana

Awhile back I won a pack of solid color charm squares at a Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting. We had a charm square swap at the same meeting, and while I lovingly go through the pretty printed charm squares I got, I haven't had any particular thoughts on how to use them.

The solid charm squares though, I was inspired to use right away.

If you're curious, I made the arrows by cutting each charm square (which is 5 x 5) in half, and then cutting one of the halves to be 4.5 to use in the flying geese (goose?) half. Here's a diagram of a finished arrow unit.

As far as the name goes, it came from a book my brother had called Mad Mazes. It had a set of mazes that were made up of arrows, and the story that went with the maze was something about Apollo and Diana.

I couldn't find many photos of it online (and the book is at home so I can't scan it) but this is one of the puzzles. I don't recall the rules off hand, but I like all the arrows.

I had 43 charm squares, and if I'd added two more colors it would have made almost a perfect crib sized quilt, but I chose to leave out three of the arrows. The finished size is around 44 x 55, which is a little odd, but I think it will make an okay lap quilt.

I've been working on it at camp, and it's been a different experience working on a quilt in a semi-public space. Other staff members will sometimes come by and chat while I'm working, or ask questions. I'm glad that I finally broke and brought my sewing machine. I have too many ideas rolling around in my head not to sew for the 2 months that I'm working here.

This is camp.

The view makes up for the fact that I'm sleeping in a bunk bed all summer. Although, since it's ten degrees cooler here than in Portland, and it always cools down at night it's a pretty sweet set up.

I work in this building. Not to shabby.

The whole camp was built in the 1930's by the Civilian Conservation Corps, so everything is very lovely, as is the whole Silver Falls State park. I can't believe there are only four more weeks until I'm back in Portland and back to a normal life. Summer always goes by too fast.


2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I love it! what a great quilt... Im almost inclined to make one... like, stop what I'm doing and make one!

Ahh, camp! I love camp! Im so jealous you get to go to camp! I went every year for 3 weeks to Camp Ceder Falls "grrr" ... best time in my life bar none! the last year I went, my girlfriends and I drove up in a car, we were a year older than our counslor. They pulled us aside and told us not to come back... :) good times!
3 weeks?? Cherri is coming back soon too... whooa! woo! MD is gonna hop this fall. :D

Simon said...

Ha ha, I can't wait! I really love friday night socials. I think my first night back will be the first week in September.

You'll have to tell me about your camp at the next meeting!

Kate said...

What a fabulous quilt. Thanks for sharing how you put it together!

Cherri said...

Great arrow quilt...that's alotta arrows from one charm pack! I loved that you showed the inspiration page from the book.....geez, I never woulda thought of that transformation! From game page to!
But mostly I am relieved that you took your sewing machine to camp! I am bringing you a stack of solid greens so you can quilt the camp forest view.....I had a bunch of solid greens up here in the cupboard just sitting and wishing they were in a quilt! See you in mid Sept.

Just Jenn said...

Oh I do so love your arrow quilt.
::sighs at it's wonderfulness::

Camp looks like a blast too. I think you're rather quite *BRAVE* for jumping in the lake. I'm pretty sure I'd have passed and gone to get a hot cup of coffee instead. But then again, I'm a wimp. Heh. ;^)