Friday, July 2, 2010

Space Issues

An email exchange between myself and Cherri. My words are in blue, and Cherri's are in red.

On May 29, 2010, at 4:16 PM, Cherri wrote:
Uh oh I am thinking.......

What if you did the triangle border with each triangle in just one solid color? 12 different colors and your background color Except for the corners which could be fancy pieced? The triangles could alternate with your cream color. Oh I don't know now....maybe that is too boring especially after all those glorious blocks!

Heh. I don't think it would be too boring. I'm getting pretty attached to those flying geese though. I think the real issue is that while you could make the types of triangles without a specialty ruler, (by folding in half and cutting corner to corner) you end up wasting a lot of fabric.

Can you do a sample on your computer? Just curious.....wish I knew how to do that fancy computer drawing...I am in awe......

I did a few, but I didn't like anything as much as the geese. When I'm finished, I'll whip up a few alternate border looks.

When do you leave for camp?

I leave on the 19th, so I've got to get moving! I'm not sure I'll make it, but I at least want to get the blocks finished.

I hope your travels to Alaska were safe and fun! I really think you should consider starting a blog or flickr accounts so I can drool over all your neat projects and scenery!

Oh yeah, an update! We're on to 117 blocks (9 sets finished out of 13). I've got the final selection of blocks mostly picked out, but if I think of some better ones I'll replace some of the ones I don't currently like. I've sketched out around 200 blocks now, which is nice because it means I can be a bit picky, but I'm still not totally happy with the blocks I have.

I'm still hoping to take an actual physical picture of them all together, but it's getting to be such a hassle that updating my computerized version is much easier!

By this point in the process, I had enough blocks, but not enough blocks that I liked. Luckily, as I made more and more blocks, new blocks would come to me, allowing me to eliminate blocks I didn't like as much, or that seemed more complicated.

I wish that I'd had more floor space in my apartment, so I could have spread out all the blocks, or rather I wish that I'd realized I could have just snuck down to the shared meeting room for my building and used the ample floor space there.

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