Saturday, October 23, 2010

Decisions, decisions

So, I made these blocks awhile ago, and I really like them. I pulled the colors from my leftover fabrics, so it was nice to get rid of some of that stuff.

While I was making them, I had the idea that I might put them with the scrap project I was working on, but when I put them next to each other I realized that the blocks were not scrappy enough to work with the stuff I had already put together. It wasn't quite a match.

This lead to two realizations.

1. I want to make a quilt with the two blocks I already made, using different color schemes for each one.
2. I wanted to include this block into the scrap quilt, using many colors.

I made three more of the block, and it's interesting to see how different it looks without a coordinating color palette. I wasn't so wild about the overall affect after I finished it, but now that I see it in photos I like it more. I sort of want to make a whole quilt with this type of block too.

Can you see my cat Fritz in the corner? He seems to always know when I want to take a photo of something without him in it, so he makes sure to get in there.

He's been getting a lot of places I don't want him lately, like behind the dish drying rack.

However, his face is so ridiculous that I can't hold it against him.


amberlee said...

I love how the mixed up blocks turned out. I think it's really neat and you could highlight different shapes depending on how you quilt it.

linda said...

what a face!! i love it!!