Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I kept thinking of things to add to my pity party post yesterday, like the fact that my bathroom sink is backed up and two bottles of Drano has done nothing, or that my cat probably has fleas and won't stop jumping on the kitchen counter, no matter how much stuff is up there.

Winking won't get you out of this one Fritz

No more pity party though. Because, guess what? My Project Modern quilt is done! I washed it tonight, and all that remains to be done it to photograph it, write my essay and send in my entry.

Luckily, the red didn't run

Incidentally, the laundry room in my building is pretty awesome. There are 19 units (though the numbers go to 20, there is no unit 13) and we all have cubbies in the laundry room. The cubbies are original refrigerators from when the place was build in 1928.

I'm pretty sure this is what the original builders had in mind.

Off of the laundry room is a pretty sad exercise room, with ancient equipment. I mean honestly, a Nordic  Track? What is this, 1995?

It must be fun to exercise in this windowless room!

The best piece in the room though is this non-motorized treadmill, complete with tape deck.

The brand is Jane Fonda, naturally. Just need my sweet striped leotard!

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Cherri said...

Pleeeeeease bring the Project Modern quilt to the PMQG meeting on Thursday....