Sunday, January 9, 2011

Indecision 2011

I spent most of today in Salem getting some training for the class I'm teaching. It wasn't so bad, and I sat next to a woman who was going to be teaching Wine Marketing at the Chemeketa Viticulture center. My dad teaches almost all of the Viticulture (grape growing) classes, and it turns out that she and her partner David Adelsheim had bought grapes from my parents for many years.

Small world huh? The grape world seems even smaller.

Last night though, I got together with some of the ladies from PMQG for some much needed food and sewing. As always, I had a fantastic time. We hadn't gotten together for awhile due to the holidays, so it was nice to see everyone.

Jill was kind enough to let me take a photo of her and her awesome quilt.

I spent my time at Modern Domestic putting together the green stripe in the quilt top below. All the rows are made up of scraps leftover from other quilts, except the big one which is made up from leftover yardage.

All of the diet root beer cans in my living room are tastefully cropped out

Here is where the indecision comes in. For some reason, I thought that all of these pieces together would give me a much longer quilt. It's not a bad size. It's roughly 5 feet by 6 feet, but a really good couch quilt should be bigger. At least for me anyway.

So, I could wait until I have a few more scrap rows and add them on (which would be after a few more quilts), but I'm sort of liking it the way it is. Considering the amount of time it took me to put all of this together, I'm not sure I would use this as a couch quilt anyway. I eat a few meals on my couch and it seems inevitable that I would get spaghetti sauce on it. It may be destined for the safety of my closet.

I can't decide if I want to wait and add more, or just quilt it now. I think I'll sleep on it.

As for Fritz, he's been driving me nuts lately. He's been knocking stuff over.

I'm going to go ahead and blame most of the messiness in this picture on him.

And it's no surprise that he's hanging out where he shouldn't be.

Would you believe that Fritz left all those dirty dishes in the sink?
So tonight when he started jumping up on my sewing space, I decided he could use a little time in cat prison. Hopefully it will scare him straight.


Megs said...

I love kitty jail. And I'm not proud to admit there are times I've wondered if I could fit my kids into a dog sized crate.

anotheryarn said...

You could frame it with the fabric you've been using as sashing between strips. 6" on all sides would give you a 72" x 84" quilt - which is just almost twin quilt sized.

Christopher said...

Your scrap quilt is just lovely, empty Big K's or no empty Big K's.