Monday, January 3, 2011

Goofus and Gallant

Sometimes in life, you are Gallant, always putting other people's needs before your own, acting with kindness and empathy, and serving as an example for all those around you.

Sometimes though, you are Goofus, and act lazy, are selfish, and take what you want and damn the consequences.

Today I am Goofus. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I spent my night doing this:

These are half-square triangles made from the leftovers of the flying geese for the star quilt I made (and have not finished even thought it was meant to be a Christmas present) for my dad's girlfriend. If I were in a more Gallant like mood I would have basted that top so I could finish it. Maybe tomorrow I'll be Gallant instead of Goofus.

In Fritz news, he has taken to sleeping on my ironing board. I put the red sheet on it to protect the board from excess hair, and he looked so happy there, I started using my big ironing board when I was working on the half-square triangles instead of tossing him on the ground and using the table top ironing board.

It's normal for one person to have two ironing boards, right?

Fritz was very interested in my ironing, and watched attentively the whole time. After I was done, I went to watch some TV, only to look over and see that Fritz had found a new ironing board.

This is a cat that will never be satisfied with what he has

Also, I had my first class today! I think it went pretty well. The students all seemed to be active listeners, and nobody looked like they were checking their Facebook page while I was talking, so I'll count that as a success. I'm just now realizing that even though I have most of the materials from the previous instructor, I will still have to develop a lot of my own materials. I was sitting at the computer last night working on my syllabus, and it felt a lot like being back in school and doing homework.

But at least I get paid this time, instead of paying to take the class!


Just Jenn said...

If it was 27* out and someone was heatin' up a nice surface for me to lay on, I'd be all snuggled up on your ironing board too... ;^)

Oh but wait. I'm supposed to be commenting on quilts here, right? I love that you won for the first Project Modern Challenge. No one deserved it more.

Plus excellent gift, good job Dad. And yes some of the women who cut fabric at FD can be oh so very strange. I love that you didn't say anything and just let her try to talk herself out of awkward silences. Excellent.

Violet Craft said...

I love that cat.