Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Well, well, well. Look at you!
Yesterday, I set up my new computer and am now officially working from home. I'm so excited. I think this will be one of those things that really changes my day to day life. It's been a little bumpy setting up the computer, and some of the changes I've had to make are very nerdy, like deleting screen fonts so I can run my own, but it makes me feel somewhat professional. Which I need, because I'm wearing my pajamas right now.

I've always wanted to be the kind of blogger that posted regularly with funny and engaging content, and now that I'm at home more, I'm hoping to work on the "regularly" part. Someday I'll get to the "funny and engaging" part. We'll see how it goes. Work is ramping up with the most intense project of the year, so I'll be tied up for a little while.

I've been gaining momentum on my Project Modern quilt, and last weekend's all day sewing event sponsored by the guild really helped. I've said it before, but I really love that I can go the guild and know that somebody there will know something about what I'm doing, and can offer advice or commiseration.

I also like that this photo was taken during a 20 minute conversation about where to eat the best sandwiches in Portland.

I've been working with someone who is doing a class project about the guild, and she very kindly gave me a gift certificate to Fabric Depot for my help.

I used it to buy notions that I always want, but never end up buying. Usually when I'm at Fabric Depot or Joann's, I'm buying fabric or thread, or something else that I need, and by the time I get to the notions I never quite want to spend the money on them. I'm pretty happy to get these things with Bonus Monies, rather than real monies.

Shangela from RuPaul's Drag race approves my choices.
I ended up with a ruler rack, a bobbin saver (goodbye plastic bag!) and a Kwik Klip. I'm hoping the Kwik Klip will make it easier to pin baste. Basting methods can be a topic of debate, but I think it really comes down to personal preference. I'm pretty over spray basting. I don't have the space for it, and I always mess it up. I'm hoping that this new tool will make pin basting a little easier on my fingers!


Paula said...

I bought the same things last week. too funny. So you must tell me how you pack up all your stuff to go sewing...

RamonaX said...

hee hee, I too am making a list of notions to get! How exciting to start working from home... looking forward to seeing your monochromatic quilt!!

Cherri said...

How big is that screen?It looks hugh! Screw work...that screen is big enough for a movie! A whole bunch of movies!
What we really need is a review of each of those sandwich spots.....of course that would mean we would need to personally check each and every one of them out.

bearfax said...

I look forward to your increased blogging frequency. I especially look forward to the photo that shows me weeping over the beauty of your monochromatic quilt.

Megs said...

Would you like some of the bent safety/basting pins? I have a couple of packs that I will never need in this lifetime because I already have about 500 of the things. If you want 'em they're yours! OMG - my security word verification is "baste" - seriously!

Louisa said...

I like your cat and cat/quilting posts a lot - saw this and thought of this blog:

It can always get worse!!