Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flat Tire

On Friday, I was driving to Cherri's studio for a sewing night, and drove over a pothole. Seconds later, I heard a whooshing sound, and the car started to drive a little funny. I had a sinking feeling that I had gotten a flat tire.

I was right.
This isn't the first flat tire I've ever gotten. The first time I didn't even realize what was happening until multiple cars on the freeway were honking and waving at me. That time a nice older couple pulled over and helped me change the tire.

This time I was on my own. I called my dad (1-800-DAD-HELP) to see if I could change the tire myself, even though I'd never done it before. He shot me down and told me to call for roadside assistance.

(Incidentally, my dad came up with a competing hotline to my 1-800-DAD-HELP, comprised of father-type figures that could help you out, called 1-800-ASK-A-DAD. This is why you should never let anyone know your business ideas.)

I waited in my car for Les Schwab, and graded papers for my class.

Les Schwab came and brought me some new giant tires so I could just drive over anything, and not worry about a flat ever again.

Just kidding! The guy just put on my spare, and didn't even say anything about my filthy car.

While we were working on payment, I looked across the street and saw that there was a tire store. I could have just pulled in there, and had the whole thing taken care of. OH WELL! That's how it goes sometimes. It would have been a better story if I had pulled in there. Then all of my flat tires could have been immediately taken care of by the kindness of the universe. In any case, the tire was fixed and I made it to sewing night.

So close!
Later on in the weekend, I went to a party for my friend Leslie, whom I met at camp when we were but fresh faced fifteen year-olds. She has a very cool twitter, called Preschool Gems. She's been tweeting all the interesting things that the kids at her daycare say, and the whole thing has been very successful. So successful in fact, that she got a book deal!

I'm so happy for her. On Saturday she had a party to celebrate, and a good time was had by all.

When you get a book deal, you have to cut cake for everyone.
Chris is working the camera. He is great at "smizing"
It's was nice to spend the evening with some of my favorite people, and eat pizza. Can't lose!

One of these people is aware of the camera.
When I was thinking about writing this post, it occurred to me that I should include some quilting stuff. I've been working on a quilt for the Project Modern monochromatic challenge, so I don't want to show it until that's over. Which will be soon! I'm not even sure if I'll finish it in time, but I've been enjoying the process.

I did get some fabric the other day though. Exciting fabric even, not just solids!

My Project Modern quilt is under that towel. Not to hide it, but rather to protect it from Fritz.
I've been sitting on a Cool Cottons gift card, and I finally used it. All of these Kaffe Fasset shot cottons were sitting in the fat quarter basket like they where waiting for me. It's a little out of my comfort zone, but I'm excited to work with them. I've already got a quilt in mind.

When I went to get the camera to take a picture of them, this happened.

What charming morning faces!

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