Monday, February 28, 2011

Lady Fingers

So, when it snows in the Willamette Valley, people lose their minds. There are a lot of reasons why, like the fact that it rarely snows, there usually aren't the resources in place to deal with any sort of snow fall, and people don't know how to drive in any kind of snow. This particular snowfall, it seems like people were so desperate for a day off that we just went for the snow day, even though it was at most 2 or 3 inches of snow. Not that I'm complaining. I'm just glad it only lasted for a day.

My Building looks pretty in the snow.

I took advantage of the lazy of a snow day, and finally finished the quilt for my dad's girlfriend. It was meant to be a Christmas present, so it's only three months late. Better late than never! I've had it basted for a long time, so it was just a matter of quilting it. I decided to use a shape which I'm sure has many names, but to me, looks like Lady Finger cookies.

Yes, I did buy these cookies so I would have a picture for my blog. In my defense, they were on the day old shelf, and also, they were delicious.
It sewed up quicker than I expected. I'm not sure I love it on this particular quilt, but I would definitely do it again. I used orange thread for a little bit of contrast.

I lady fingered the heck out of this quilt.
Once I started actually quilting the thing, Fritz decamped from the bathroom. He hadn't left it for anything other than eating and using the litter box in days, so of course he needed to sit on the quilt I was working on. I had to convince him to get down. Warning, there is music in the video.

In the end, I'm quite pleased with the quilt. It's not the most exciting design I've ever done, but my dad's girlfriend really likes it, and that is the most important part.

My dad's girlfriend is on the left, and is standing on a table to hold the quilt high enough. The  finished size is somewhere between a twin and a full sized quilt.

When I went to take the above picture, I was sheepishly tried to explain that there was a right side up, even though it was all in my mind. My dad surprised and delighted me by saying "Of course there is a right side up! The lady fingers go down". I was so pleased that he understood that there was a right way up, and why I had picked. Like father like daughter I guess!

My dad's girlfriend wanted some action shots.
I'm glad that my dad's girlfriend likes it, and I'm glad that it's done! Now I can move on to other projects that I felt to guilty to work on because I hadn't finished this quilt.


Cherri said...

Great quilt Kristin...but the you tube video is fantastic! That cat's middle name should be Persistence. Too funny! Or maybe that should be your middle name!

Marcia Mersky said...

The finished quilt is Amish, which I LOVE!

Megs said...

Ha! I love that you don't even bother to move away from the quilt until your cat decides to move on.

bearfax said...

Fritz is so bad! And I mean, why would he leave the bathroom? What, is it too smelly? I don't think so.

Congratulations on Stephani's quilt! It looks awesome.

One day I would like to eat a lady finger cookie.

Portland Modern Quilt Guild said...
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Christina said...

I am thinking of the conversation you had with the lady at the cutting counter when you bought the fabric! I wish she could see it. Really lovely color sense you have. It's great, and I like the quilting design you chose.

rockthatfish said...

i love your cat video, haha.

Una said...

Beautiful quilt! It really resembles the old Amish quilts. Glad she liked it - I admire your generosity:) Una in Norway