Monday, October 10, 2011

Basting Baby

I am such a baby about basting. It's my least favorite part of the quilting process. I'm always feeling sorry for myself when I'm basting.

Can you guess what I did tonight?

I finished the top for my quilt with the reproduction fabrics, and would really like to quilt it, so I had to bite the bullet and baste the thing.

Overall, I'm still not crazy about the block in the very middle. It doesn't read very well in the photograph, but it works well enough close up. I always intended this to be a quilt for my couch, so I guess that's what matters.

And, the whole thing only took me an hour to baste. I timed it, so I could remind myself that it doesn't actually take that long to baste things the next time I start to feel sorry for myself.

Why did I only remember to take a photo after I'd folded it up?
I can't wait to get this thing quilted and move onto the next project. I'll post more about it in a few days, but I'm super excited to start. I only mention it because while I was writing this post tonight, I was scanning a few sketches that I plan to use for the next project, when somebody had to sit on the scanner. I'll give you three guesses as to who it was...


Suz said...

What on earth is your quilt hanging off? - it looks like a fire hazard. Are you a cotton batting girl/or polyester... do you pin baste or spray? Have you a quilting design in mind? And Fritz... behave! (you'll have to imagine that with a Austin Powers sort of accent). So many questions... so little time :)

Peggy said...

That scan of Fritz is the funniest thing I have ever seen!!! I spit brownie on my screen!!!!

Peggy said...

Cause I was laffing, of course!!!