Thursday, October 6, 2011

More thoughts on prints

I'm almost done with this quilt. I sat down and did the last three blocks at the same time, and I am still amazed at how much prints can surprise me.

For example, I thought this pairing was going to work very well. I love both the prints individually.

The finished result isn't bad, but it is a little muddy. There isn't quite enough contrast to make the design of the block clear, or at least as clear as it could be.

And I thought these fabrics were going to be a weak, not quite matching pair.

But the block itself turned out quite cool, in my opinion. The dark black and off white really of the outer fabric really make the pink seem to glow a bit. They are stronger together.

And finally, I was initially sort of indifferent to the yellow fabric.

But I think it looks great against the black.

I'm excited to finish up these blocks and layout the whole thing and get a sense of what the finished quilt will look like.

And honestly, any time I take pictures of anything, I end up with a few shots of Fritz. I mean, he's there and I have a camera, so why not?

He's thinking about jumping on these quilt blocks, I just know it.
I like him looking stoic,

But I like it even more when I catch him looking sort of silly.


Julie said...

Ha! I love any and all pictures of that cat; he's has such character! I know what you mean though- I have more pictures of my cat than anything (or anybody) else. As for the prints, I'm impressed at how you're going for it even though it's new to you. That yellow ans black combo looks really cool.

sew on and sew on, Cherri said...

So where did all those vintage prints come from? I love them! They would be great to mix with solids, yes?

And helllloooooo to Fritz...the only cat I might ever try to like!

smazoochie said...

I think you will be pleased with all of your blocks together. Not all of them can be dynamic, the 'weaker' ones will be a reesting place for the eye.
Patience Grasshopper!