Saturday, December 19, 2009

Broadway Boogie Woogie Pt. 2

So, I'm sort of restarting this blog. It's not surprising to me that my major quilting efforts have coincided with periods of unemployment/underemployment. I've been doing a lot of fun stuff quilting wise. First off, I made these little coasters as homemade Christmas presents.

It was pretty fun to pick the fabric for these, as I chose stuff I wouldn't normally pick. I have trouble picking fabric that has a lot of colors. I can't really deal with that just yet, but maybe someday. Problem is that I got to this Block of the Month club every month at Cool Cottons and they have the most beautiful fabrics that I lust after, but am to scared to use them. I'm working on it.

I don't know if people will like these coasters, I mean, how coasters does a person need? And for what is cost me to buy the supplies, I might as well have just gotten store bought gifts. I also made homemade vanilla, and am going to try glass etching.

My original attempt at a Broadway Boogie Woogie quilt was a bit of a disaster. I really didn't know what I was doing, which is fine, but it would have been impossible to quilt, and it really wasn't fun anymore. So, now it's in a bag at my old house. I'll probably never finish it. I don't regret trying, and I feel, hmmm, passionate enough about that image that I tried again! My new place makes it hard to get a good photo of the whole thing, but here's a photo of the quilting so far. I've been reading this blog and it's been really helpful.

As far as quilting goes, and the project in general, I go back and forth. I'd like to think that my experience with graphic design classes totally removed my fear of failure, creatively speaking, but those fears linger. I almost didn't want to do the project until I could do it really well, but how will I ever get better if I don't go for it? I've realized that I do try a lot harder when I really care about the project. Besides Broadway Boogie Woogie pt. 2, I'm also working on the quilt for the Block of the Month club and I realize I'm not putting half as much effort into it. Well, I am putting effort into it, but I don't really care if it looks good or not. I mean, I'm trying, but I'm not devastated when it doesn't work out perfectly. I take a lot more care with BBW pt. 2.

The quilting is taking really long, and this guy doesn't help. Why does he always want to lay on the quilt and be near me! It's the worst! Heh. Not really. It's nice when he wants to hang out, which is always. Turns out compressed air is good for more than cleaning out the machine!

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