Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Finished Product

It turns out that that my new house is not well suited to taking photos of quilts. I love my place, but it's a little short on wide open places. It took quite a bit of wrangling to find a place where the whole quilt would fit in the photo. It's still working on a good set up.

For a long time I thought to do the binding for Broadway Boogie Woogie in white, but I'm glad I went with the yellow. It's like a nice exclamation point at the end of a sentence. Now, when I was in design school, the first thing they said about presenting was not to point out errors in our work, because maybe people wouldn't notice them. In that vein I won't point out some assembly errors, but oh boy, I notice them. I'm not sure how I feel about the finished product yet, but it's done, unlike some other projects I've attempted.

Like this one! This was my monkey wrench quilt. I finished it in a period of non-blogging, but never did the binding. So far, it's my most dreaded part of the quilting process. The actual binding for Broadway Boogie Woogie Pt. 2 wasn't that bad, but I did it by machine, rather than by hand, which I suck at. I'm pretty sure that my hand sewing skills are bad because I never actually do it, and I never do it because I suck at it. Bad cycle. I'm hoping my applique project can help with that.

In any case, I have no intention to bind the Monkey quilt. I just don't care enough about it, and it's going to good use as a cat bed for Fritz, and it saved my comforter from being a cat hair depository.

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