Saturday, December 26, 2009

Price Log

I saw Avatar with my dad and his girlfriend last night. It was pretty good, and the visuals were amazing. The story was so-so, but it was better than a lot of things I've seen. I'm not sure if it's because since September 11th it's been all "rah, rah Go Army!", but it was weird to see the American Army as the bad guys, getting killed, and losing. It was, however, nice to see all the ladies in the movie get equal bad ass opportunities.

On to quilting things, I found my receipts and I better write down how much things cost before I lose them. All of these prices are for the Aunt Mille's Garden quilt.

1. Pattern: 10.77 (original price, 17.95, used 40% coupon)
2. Clover Mini Iron: 19.99 (on sale, not coupon eligible)
3. Thimble: 1.37 (original price, 2.29, used 40% coupon)
4. Applique needles: 1.49 (original price, 2.49, used 40% coupon)
5. Freezer paper: 3.59
6. Sizing: ?? (I'll check at FM) est. 2.50

Supplies I already had: Scissors, pens, scraps

Total spent so far: 33.62 (est. costs 2.50)

Now, I don't have that many scraps. Fortunately, I bought 25 fat quarters to use as the backing for the quilt I'm making for my block of the month class, and when I cut those down to size I had a rainbow assortment of fabric to start with, as well as a lot of brown left over from the setting blocks. Little did I know that it would take so long to get the fabric part! I've finished all the tracing on to freezer paper, and am now cutting things out. It's going to take awhile before I even get to touch any fabric.

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