Monday, February 1, 2010

Quilt Show!

This past Saturday I went to a quilt show at the Oregon Garden down in Silverton. My friend Elyse lives there, so I had a nice brunch with her and her family before heading over to the show. The space was very pretty, with lots of twinkly lights on the ceiling.

This group of quilts was from a local fiber arts group, and they all incorporated a lime green line somehow.

I liked the way the green line was slightly separate from the rest of the quilt.
I thought the root vegetables were a natural subject for thread work. The brown fabric isn't quilted, it's just a perfect print for the subject matter.
There were also some antique quilts there, which I have a real fondness for. They look timeless.
Check out the nice hand stitching!
Another nice antique quilt.

I love the blue and tan one on the right.

I thought this one was interesting. I couldn't quite tell where the quilting was though. It was very light and transparent.

There were a whole series like this. I can appreciate the craftsmanship (which was amazing) even if the imagery isn't exactly my taste. I'd seen pictures of these online somewhere before and assumed it was applique, but it is all patchwork. Very impressive.

Check out the cool quilted umbrella!

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