Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fat Quarters

I really do try not to buy fabric without a project in mind, but I did buy a bit this weekend. In my monthly budget, I set aside a little bit of actual paper money to carry around in my pocket, and if I don't spend it during the month I can buy whatever I want with it. This month, it was this fabric! The first three I got at a quilt show I went to yesterday (more on that later) and the last three I got at a fabric store I've never been to before called Bolt.

The first three are 30's reproduction fabric, and I love the chevron pattern in red and yellow. It seems very modern to me, and I think it's a good sign that it's aged so well.

The second three are from Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley line, which I've seen online quite a bit, and really like. Bolt is a tiny little store on Alberta St. in Portland, and it carries a lot of designer quilting fabrics that are very, very pretty. They had the Anna Maria Horner line "Little Folks" which I have also admired online, and when I reached out to touch the fabric in the store I discovered it was cotton voile, which is super, super soft. I spent a lot of time last night searching it out online and lusting, but came to the decision that it was more the feel of the fabric I was really wanting, and that that particular line of fabric wasn't the only occurance of cotton voile in the universe. And it's expensive. Sigh. Too bad my birthday is so far away!

I've been working this year mostly with 100% cotton sheets I bought at Ikea.

Cheap, cheap, cheap
Huge amounts of fabric
Sheets feel nice

Only a few colors

The limited palette might actually be a good thing though. The colors are all very classic, and color matching has never been my strong suit.

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