Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Love Free Motion Quilting

It's not like I forgot I liked free motion quilting, I just forgot how much I enjoyed it. It's mentally taxing, but not overly so. It doesn't involve a lot of steps. It's just a matter of sitting and sewing, which is nice, nice, nice.

I've been using the setting blocks of my BOM club to practice free motion quilting patterns, and I quite like this one.

The only issue is that it takes quite a bit more time. Last night I whizzed through six blocks using stitch in the ditch, and tonight this one block was it. I also use a whole lot more thread. I just blow through bobbins when I'm doing stuff like this. I have been using a more expensive thread topside, and it's been easier to use. There isn't such a huge build up of lint with it, even though it is %100 cotton like the cheap-o stuff I was using before.

I think all the little shapes look like mussel shells. They're fun to make too.

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