Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Breakfast Time

I've missed out on a lot of swaps at the guild lately, and it's mostly due to my own laziness. The last swap was a mug rug swap, which I totally forgot about until I met up with some people ahead of time and saw all of their mug rugs to swap.

Luckily, my friend Jill had made two mug rugs, and is the kind of person that when she came into the meeting and I yelled across the room "Jill, give me one of your mug rugs to swap because I am lazy and forgot to make one!" she said "Sure!".

That's real friendship people.

I mention it because for once, I am not making my swap item at the very last minute. In fact, the meeting is almost a week away and I am done, done, done!

If you haven't known me long, this should tip you off as to what I think about 95% of the time.

When I was thinking about this swap, I initially thought that it was going to be a straight swap, a solid block for a solid block. I wanted to make a block that someone could get and either incorporate into a larger project, or use without adding anything at all.

Then I read on the guild blog that what was really happening is that we are giving our block to someone else and they will do something (unknown at this time) and then give it back to us at the next meeting.

Well, that's even better! I really like this block, and am happy to have it back.

Problem is, now I want more blocks like this. I have a whole page of sketches of different foods so far, but we'll see if it goes beyond that. I think a quilt in this style could be neat though.

Just in case I do make a quilt with this theme, I made the block twice. One for the swap, and one for me.

I like that the one on the right is slightly deformed.

In other news, Fritz continues to cycle through places in my house. Now, when I say cycling through, I mean that he exclusively lives in that part of the house, and would only leave it to eat and use the litter box. If you remove him from that area, he will run as fast as he can back to it, but he won't stay there permanently. He has to move on at some point and start again.

He's a little nuts. He started with the kitchen, then the living room windowsill, then the bathroom, and, for a short time, the sewing room windowsill.

This was sort of fun, because I could always see him when I was entering the house. Less fun was the fact that he kept knocking the curtain down.

That was short lived. He then moved to the top of the box my new computer came in.

This was also fun, because it doubled as a scratching post.

The box was an interesting place, only because I was in the room when he decided he didn't want to live there any more. He wandered around the room, darting back and forth mewing pathetically. He'd sit on a lot of things and refuse to settle. Finally, I put a board on one of the chairs, and he settled in.

For Fritz, settling in is a relative term.

Even though he is totally nuts, I can't help but love his stupid, stupid face.

Honestly, normal cats look strange to me.


anotheryarn said...

Breakfast quilt. I just sketched out a bowl of oatmeal - thanks, thanks a lot.

purry said...

I love the swap block!! I dream of a quilt made entirely from these blocks. It would be really beautiful. :) -Nathan