Friday, April 22, 2011

Charm Pack Half Square Triangles

A few meetings of the PMQG back, we all received a free pack of solid charm squares.

I had no immediate inspiration for these, so I decided to include them in my scrap quilt for 2011. I chose to make half square triangles out of them.

I used the method described in this video.

Basically, all you do is put two charm squares together, sew a quarter inch seam all around the edge, and then cut on both diagonals. You get 4 half square triangles out of it, which is nice. They end up being around 3 1/4 size, and if I were using them in a non-scrap quilt I'd cut them all down to 3 inches.

I paired the colors randomly, by drawing them out of a paper bag.

All the finished triangles
I like choosing the colors randomly, because I see a lot of color combinations that I wouldn't necessarily think of. I also get to see color combinations that I really don't like.

The four on top were my least favorite combos, and the four on the bottom were color combinations that I found interesting, and might want to explore further. It's all subjective of course. I don't think that the color combinations on top are bad, just ones I am personally not that fond of.

I really didn't like the pink and green one which is on the top right. I made this face when I saw it.

Note to self: quit taking pictures of my face that look terrible
It took me a minute to realize that it is the same color combo as my bathroom.

In fact, when I saw that color combo in the bathroom for the first time, this is the face I made.

I think I just am not a huge fan of green and pink, but every time I tell someone I don't like the colors of the tile in my bathroom they say I'm crazy, so what do I know?

I sewed all the half square triangles together randomly, and am going to use them to border the center piece I made.

I like how it turned out.

And, because I will never, ever stop posting pictures of my cat, here is some more stuff about Fritz!

The other day I went downstairs, and didn't see Fritz anywhere. It was a little odd, and as the day went on I still couldn't find him.

Eventually, I figured out that he was in a box off stuff behind a chair.

I looked through the box to make sure there wasn't anything he could ruin inside, and ran across a book about quilting that I had bought over the summer.

It had this great piece of advice in it.

It reads: If a pattern calls for a solid color, consider substituting a mottled tone-on-tone print or a small allover print that "reads" as a solid. This kind of print can help hide inaccuracies in piecing and in quilting the layers together. The subtle changes in color add movement and textural interest to the quilt that isn't possible with solid colors.
I mean, I obviously disagree, because I exclusively use solid color fabric. I find it kind of hilarious. This is obviously not the best quilt guide for me.

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I love the colors of your bathroom