Monday, June 6, 2011

Moving Day

I haven't been sewing much lately. My brother and I have been cleaning out our childhood home in hopes of renting it out, and it's been a process! There is a lifetime's worth of stuff in that house.

When I was working on my old bedroom I found something that I've thought about a lot since I started quilting.

I must have gotten this for Christmas one year as a kid. It's a set of wooden blocks that you can arrange anyway you want. I used to play with the blocks for hours coming up with different patterns. I'd take it on plane flights to pass the time.

I mean, these are so obviously translatable into quilt blocks! I was interested in quilting before I even knew what it was, and now I kind of want to make a top with these blocks. I think they look so well together. I'm glad I found this, I'm sure I'll get some good inspiration out of it.

And, in an unrelated note, here is Fritz, trying to lay on the gas stove even though he is a bit to big for it.

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2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

My grandma had that same box of color cubes! Omg! It's her fault! ;)
I'd totally be tempted to push the cat... Is that why my cats hate me?