Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We had our PMQG meeting this past Thursday, and got back our solid blocks.

Elsa got my block, and made me an awesome mini-quilt. Hilariously (to me anyway), she's a vegan. She was a good sport about the bacon and eggs though.

This was such a nice swap. Elsa did a lot of things that I don't normally do with my quilts, like a pieced back, hand sewn binding, and stitching in the ditch, so it was fascinating to see what my work looks like with those elements applied.

It's the details that are so great too. Elsa handed it to me with wrapped in this ribbon, with nicely cut edges. For some reason, it just makes it so much better.

Also, this weekend we had our all day sewing event for the guild at Fabric Depot, and it was great, as always. Lots of talking, laughing, and sewing. I didn't bring my sewing machine this time, but I did make a cutting guide for my quilt for the Project Modern organic challenge, and bought the fabric for it, which is always fun. I wish these events were more often, but I realize that not everyone in the guild's biggest responsibility at home is taking care of one weirdo cat and watching episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

If they made a Law and Order: Cat Intent, they'd have at least one viewer.
Fritz seems to have "settled" once again. He's taken to sleeping/living on top of the gas stove.

It's fine now that it's warmed up a bit (for Oregon anyway), but come Fall and Winter he'll need to move on. This is an interesting place for Fritz to hang out, because it's not quite big enough for him to really lay out on, so often times he'll be cleaning himself and fall right off the side, which is hilarious to me, but probably less so to him. We'll see how long this spot lasts.


Elsa said...

So happy you like your block! I worried over it so much. I, too, think it's pretty funny that I'm a vegan quilting bacon and eggs!
Love your kitty, Fritz, he's got the cutest face!

RamonaX / Gail said...

I think I'm a FRITZ FAN!