Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Minute: Monday

Recently, my dad e-mailed me some suggestions for Christmas gifts for himself and his girlfriend.

It's okay if you can't read it.

Let's take a closer look at one of those suggestions.

I know what that means. They want a quilt. I saw my dad on Sunday to confirm and feel out his girlfriend for her favorite colors. It's such a short time frame, so I've got too get  move on!

I'm thinking I can get it done if I stick to a strict schedule, and I don't get called into work. The whole thing is going to be (relatively) simple, with all star blocks.

Here's the plan.

Monday: Buy Fabric and cut all pieces
Tuesday: Assemble flying geese units (I can't stop making flying geese!)
Wednesday: Assemble top and baste
Thursday: Quilt 
Friday: Bind

I've got Monday's work done, and everything is cut and waiting to be put together.

I got into an interesting conversation with the woman cutting my fabric at Fabric Depot. She took a look at all the colors, and mentioned that the color in the lower left corner was the only one without any green in it. She asked me if that's really what I wanted to do.

I was a little taken aback, because I thought they all looked nice together. It was want a wanted to do! I took a quick look anyway to see if I could find another teal I liked, and didn't have any luck. I tried to joke that it didn't matter that it didn't have any green because the quilt wasn't for me.

She then told me that it should matter even more that everything matched well because it was a gift.

We were silent for awhile, and then she told me that in many places it was a tradition during the holidays to take in a stranger for the holiday meal. She said that she didn't think people should be excluded because they were down on their luck, and that it was a shame that we didn't follow that tradition here. She said people didn't trust other people enough to bring them into their homes, but didn't realize the amount of trust we put in others to provide a safe food supply, and services like firefighting and police.

We were silent for again for awhile. 

Then she told me that she was part of a few different groups, one of which had the motto to leave places better than when they found it, and another that didn't have that motto. She said that the group that didn't have that motto often left their meeting place a mess, so she wrote an article in their newsletter saying that people should leave places better than they found them. After she wrote the article she said that everyone agreed that they had always felt that way, and they didn't have any more problems with messes.

She finished cutting the fabric, and I wished her a happy holiday season. It was one of the stranger fabric cutting experiences I've had.

In other news, Fritz is still places I don't want him to be.

It's alright, I didn't want that delicious bread anyway.


Betty Crocker Ass said...

Oh my god.

Violet Craft said...

I'm with Jen... Oh.My.God. and now I'm silent for a moment.