Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute: Tuesday

Monday: Buy Fabric and cut all pieces
Tuesday: Assemble flying geese units (I can't stop making flying geese!)
Wednesday: Assemble top and baste
Thursday: Quilt 
Friday: Bind

It was a slog, but I did manage to get all the geese assembled today. Tomorrow I'll have to go to Ikea (darn) and get a sheet for the backing so I can hopefully fully assemble and baste the top.
It wasn't so bad, there are only 140 of them

Today was also the day of the Christmas staff party for the summer camp I worked at. It's always a lot of fun, and it's great to get together with all the people I spent so much time with over the summer. 

This pizza was so good, we didn't even wait for plates. I mean, we all have plates here, but initally we just ate the slices off of napkins. Other members of our group waited for plates like polite people should.

I made my friend Bullph take the above photo, and he was sort of grumpy that he wasn't in the group shot so I took solo shot of him so he wouldn't feel left out.

He was obviously thrilled.

I really like this next photo, because everyone looks like they are having a good time. Hanging out with camp people is usually about laughing a lot.

And finally, another installment of "Places I Wish Fritz Wasn't".

I wish he wasn't in the sink
I wish he wasn't on the ironing board. And honestly, he hasn't slept on the ironing board in ages, but he was all into it today just because I was using it. He's like a three year old.


Cherri said...

That cat is possessed! Truly possessed

Megan said...

I'll trade you my three year old for your cat. You know, just for an accurate comparison.