Wednesday, December 15, 2010


A while back, I entered a potato contest at the fair. I entered a potato side dish. The recipe was one I made myself, and it was basically just the insides of a vegetable samosa.

I won second place, and a $75 dollar gift card to Safeway.

When they announced my name, I couldn't stop smiling. My face hurt from smiling so hard.

I felt that way today, when I got an e-mail that said my quilt had been picked as a winner for the first Project Modern Challenge.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I think that the picture is funny though, because I can't quite understand how all those hands are there. If you look at the right side, there are three hands, and one on the left. What's up with that?

My sewing machine is keeping an eye on things
 My roommates friends helped me take the photo, so it's some combo of these guys holding it up. They didn't even mind that I interupted their board game.

As for the quilt itself, I did some things I said I would never do. I ripped quilting out after I started. I told myself I'd never bother with that, but it was just too dense for me. It was only in the blue sections, but I felt a lot better after I'd done it.

All this seam ripping took a marathon session of Cake Boss season 1 and 2 on Netflix
There were a lot of great quilts for this challenge, it seems like it would be impossible to pick a winner. I'm feeling pretty lucky that it was me!


Cherri said...

No, not luck, Kristin! That was all skill, great design and a wow photo for inspiration.

Christina said...

Your color sense is AMAZING!!! Way to go I feel lucky to live in the same city as you!

Wendy said...

I saw the photo and read the description of your inspiration and knew it was your quilt. It is beautiful. Congratulations!

GrandMa Red said...

Great job Kristin. This is SOOOO fantastic and well deserved. They could not have choosen a better quilt or a better recipient!

Congrats. You are now Potato and Quilt Ninja Master!!!

Amanda said...

That's awesome! And the quilt is stinking cool!

amberlee said...

I love this, and it was even cooler in person, such great details! Congrats again!

Violet Craft said...

Congratulations! I am so happy you won.. and honestly not surprised at all. Everything you've shared at PMQG has blown me away.

RamonaX said...

I feel very lucky to have seen your amazing quilt at the PMQG meeting live ~ it's a gorgeous quilt! Congratulations!!