Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Minute: Wednesday

Monday: Buy Fabric and cut all pieces
Tuesday: Assemble flying geese units (I can't stop making flying geese!)
Wednesday: Get farther on the quilt top
Thursday: Finish quilt top, baste, quilt, invent time machine
Friday: Bind

Maybe it was a little ambitious to think that I could finish the quilt top and baste it in one day.

I gave it a pretty good effort though. I may be giving my dad's girlfriend an unbound quilt with the promise of a speedy finish, but I think that's okay.

Why did I choose such a labor intensive block?!

Fritz would not leave the ironing board alone tonight. I'd throw him off, and he'd jump right back on over and over again. He'd eventually get the picture, and then sit beside the ironing board until I was done so he could hop back on.

I finally got him to quit by dumping him in a grocery bag. He loves it for some reason, and stayed in there for at least an hour.

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anotheryarn said...

I'm sure a quilt top with speedy finishing will be just as loved as a finished quilt. I'm amazed you tried to knock out such a quilt in so little time.